Saturday 10th October 2015: CF Team Series Event 8

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400 M Run
30 V Sit Ups
10 Kip Swings
20 Hanging Leg Raises
200 M Run
Shoulder Mobility

Teams of 4 for 20 Minutes Practice:
Rope Climbs
Partner Handstand Walks
Strict Pull Ups
Team Series Even 8
For time:
200 toes-to-bars, while both barbells are held overhead by 2 teammates then
200 shoulders-to-overheads (135 / 95 lb.), while 2 teammates hang from the pull-up barAt the call of “3, 2, 1 … go,” one athlete will jump onto the pull-up bar and begin performing toes-to-bars. Meanwhile, two other teammates will lift both barbells to the overhead position and hold them there. In order for the toes-to-bars to count, both barbells must be locked out overhead for the duration of the rep. The 200 toes-to-bars may be divided however the team likes, but only one athlete can be performing them at a time, and each athlete must complete at least 25 reps.

After all 200 toes-to-bars are complete, the team will complete a total of 200 shoulders-to-overheads. This time for the reps to count, two of the teammates must be hanging from the pull-up bar. Only one athlete may perform shoulders-to-overheads at a time, and each athlete must complete at least 25 of the 200 reps.

Shoulder to Overhead

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