Tammi Ifill – This is Why I Crossfit

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It all started with a desire to run.  In 2012 I joined a running club when people started telling me I have the ability to run.  However, by 2013
I started to feel stagnant.  I wanted more and wasn’t getting it in that club.

In 2015, I met a young lady by the name of Dallison Edgehill.  We started chatting about our sports’ interests and she immediately brought up Cross-Fit.  She took me to Rodney’s Revolution and what I saw changed my life forever.  I realized there is more to sports than just running and signed up immediately; especially since the first class was free!

Cross-Fit is the only sport I’ve seen which incorporates running, weights and gymnastics skills.  It was my dream come true!  It was what I was searching for but didn’t find until 2015.  Some people don’t believe in fate, but if you have the patience it will surely find you.  It took me over a year to find what I was looking for and it was all worth it!

A few months have passed and Cross-Fit has revolutionized my life!  My overall strength and fitness capabilities have developed tremendously.  I am more confident and have fostered friendships which I will cherish for life.  The community here is awesome!  In an environment like this, “who will not come back?”  I know I will!


 – Tammi Ifill

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