Anne Lalla – CrossFit trains you for Life

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“CROSSFIT trains you for Life”, these were the first words from the coach at Crossfit 12-12-12 and I thought, how the hell could exercise equate to life?

Then I tried it.

Crossfit not only trains your body, it instantaneously reprograms your mind. I realised that simple actions like bending, lifting, carrying shopping bags – I all took for granted assuming I did every action properly. I believed going to gyms meant using boring machines doing boring workouts.

As time passed I began to understand Crossfit and witnessed a change in myself.

My strength, agility and energy increased and my asthma inhaler I used less.

Then my dad suffered a major stroke and was confined to a wheelchair.  At that moment I was truly grateful to my coworkers for introducing me to Crossfit. Lifting a wheelchair into the car and a 6ft disabled man has been my greatest accomplishment because of Crossfit.

Crossfit 12-12-12 isn’t an ordinary gym. I walked in a stranger and now feel as though I belong to a system of individuals striving for better health and bodies. I’m motivated everyday to challenge myself and pushed everyday by others to do that.

After many limes, Charity/Halloween WODs and a Bachelorette Throwdown I know I’m attached to an amazing group who are more than just gym members.

There are the die-hard athletes who we emulate, the comedians who lighten the mood and the health gurus who juice and ferment anything to aid the internal organs.

Lastly Coach Rodney, who encompasses all a coach should be. Whether he’s testing or teasing you, challenging you or giving you a giggle, he makes it worthwhile.

Conclusion…Tattoo Crossfit on my ass, I’m here to stay, because this is the greatest cult of all!

Anne Front Squat


– Anne Lalla

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