Dayna ‘Whoosh’ Abraham – If I can do CrossFit, Anyone Can

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If I can do Crossfit, believe me when I say, anyone can do Crossfit.

I started Crossfit in August 2014 after saying I was going to give it a try for months before. I had a goal to get fit and toned after having 3 children in 6 years but I really had no idea what I was in for when I started.

After my first class I rang the bell and thought yes I’ll be back. The week that followed was pure insanity, muscles I did not even know I had were hurting and yet I could not wait to go back.

Ten months in and I have gained a lot more. Never one for competitions I learned that a little competition to push you to do better is not a bad thing. I have also learned that not everyday will be my best day, I push myself mentally through workouts while our coaches push me physically as they know what I am capable of doing. Their encouragement along with the words of other crossfitters is what creates the community spirit at Crossfit 12-12-12. We have fun getting fit!!

My PR’s are just that – my own – but it is very exciting to have other crossfitters just as excited as you when you announce “I finally got a toes to bar”. The little voice inside is screaming while I manage to contain my excitement on the outside.

Crossfit has given me another reason to believe in myself, set higher goals for myself and along the way I have increased my fitness level by leaps and bounds.

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– Dayna ‘Whoosh’ Abraham

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