Carol Taylor a.k.a. Castro – Carol Discovers her Inner Bad A$$

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I first walked into Crossfit 12 12 12 on May 30th 2013 to the workout “Murph” . I was placed in a team of 4 to share the workload except for the two one mile runs. In just under an hour I had completed my first Crossfit WOD out of breath but not defeated.

Then came the ringing of the bell to signal I had officially completed my first WOD.

It was not until August of that year that I officially became a member. YES I had finally left the globo gym to subject my  body, mind, spirit and pain to Crossfit 12 12 12 the first and still the only Affiliate in the country.


It soon became my home away from home. The community is incredible.

It’s the only place I can become:

An Athlete;

A Gymnast;

A Powerlifter; &

A Badass


What makes me keep coming back for More? 

Rodney Vire – from personal trainer to spin instructor to business owner, certified crossfit coach to constructing his own box. Inspirational, motivational and awesome.




Our new Coaches

james                              moi



We do Good Deeds

good deeds



I have lots and lots of fun


                                             A “lil wine” in the middle of 14.5




We cook and lime




We raise funds to assist our members




I’m inspired to challenge myself for charity

run for boobs




                                    I get results




 At the end I feel like

wonder woman


– Carol Taylor

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