Our Holiday Hours

Our Holiday Hours

Closed for Christmas

Christmas is upon us and we’d like to keep you up to date of the days of business that we’d be closed.

So guys, please take note that our last day of business will be on Tuesday 22nd December 2015. Thereafter we shall be closed from Wednesday 23rd December to Sunday 27th December 2015. We will re-open for Classes on Monday 28th December 2015 to Wednesday 30th December 2015. We shall be closed for business from New Year’s Eve- Thursday 31st December 2015 until Sunday 3rd January 2016 and we re-open for business in the New Year on Monday 4th January 2016.

We know that you guys are diligent and dedicated and will continue to watch what you eat this season and will continue to do your workouts on your own – you can check out the travel WOD link on our Page and there you can find a plethora of Workouts you can do without equipment – all you may need is a rope and a “let’s get it done” attitude. For those of you who think that that may not be enough, stay tuned to our Facebook Page at Rodney’s Revolution, as our dedicated Coaches may – keyword “MAY”- open the Box to have a WOD on a few of the days designated to be closed. If that’s the case we’ll post an invite on the Facebook page to let you know.




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