In Case you Missed The International CrossFit12-12-12 Throwdown 2018

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The 3rd Annual International CrossFit12-12-12 Throwdown which was held on Saturday 11 August 2018 at the Woodbrook Youth Centre was quite a display of feats of agility, strength, speed and endurance. It’s no wonder that CrossFit is called the “Sport of Fitness”.

With just under 80 athletes competing in several events or WOD’s (Workout Of the Day), it was a full day for both the organisers, volunteers, athletes and over 250 spectators. The Caribbean Region was well represented as in addition to the 4 local CrossFit Affiliates in Trinidad, CrossFit Boxes from Barbados, Guyana, Suriname, Martinique and Aruba all had athletes competing.

This year new 12-12-12 Throwdown Champions were crowned with top honours going to Female Rx athlete Lyndsay Murray, from IGone CrossFit Trinidad ; Amanda Morris from Limitless Performance in Barbados took 2nd place; and 3rd was Yvette Tromp from A297 CrossFit in Aruba.

Top 3 Female Rx Winners
Top 3 Female Rx Winners

On the Male Rx Side, Dillon Mahadeo from Guyana’s CrossFit 592 placed 1st; Demron Thompson from CrossFit Islandfit in Barbados placed 2nd and rounding out the top 3 was Shane Rojas Hamel-Smith of WeHeart CrossFit in Trinidad.

Top Male RX Winners 2018

The Scaled Throwdown 12-12-12 category – where the same Rx workout events are done with scaled or modified movements and lighter weights for athletes to perform – was by no means less challenging for those athletes who competed. Out of 20 female scaled athletes, Asha Pemberton from WeHeart CrossFit, Trinidad took the top prize, with just two points separating Kimaada Ottley from XCT, Trinidad and Sacha Thomas from CrossFit12-12-12, Trinidad for the 2nd and 3rd spots respectively. The Male Scaled category was won by Trinidadian Joseph Parris from WeHeart CrossFit. Although there was a tie for 2nd place, the Judges ruled that Jay Wong from CrossFit12-12-12 placed 2nd and Gregory Joseph from IGone CrossFit would be given 3rd place as Mr. Wong had three higher event finishes than Mr. Joseph.

Female scaled Top 3
Female scaled Top 3
Male Scaled Top 3
Male Scaled Top 3

The female teenagers who competed all showcased why they are the future of the sport. IGone CrossFit’s Mia Otero dominated her three WOD’s coming first in all and thus taking home top honours and bragging rights. Savana Assam from CrossFit12-12-12 placed 2nd and Hannah Boucaud from IGone CrossFit came 3rd.

The Top 3 Teens
The Top 3 Teens

This Year a special Masters Award was also given to Gillian Belgrave Rollock of CrossFit12-12-12, who at 54 years’ young was the oldest female to participate in the Throwdown and go head to head with ladies much younger than her. Gillian managed to hold her own and put up a good fight to finish 5th in the Female Rx Category.

Top Female Master's Athlete, Gillian Belgrave-Rollock
Top Female Master’s Athlete, Gillian Belgrave-Rollock

The Spirit of the Throwdown award went to Frank Ventura, from Mada CrossFit, Martinique. This is an award that acknowledges not only what an athlete accomplishes but how they accomplish it. Frank’s plane arrived delayed late into Friday night, but did not let that phase him for Game Day and he gave of his all and his best supporting his teammates and fellow crossfitters.


Head Coach of CrossFit12-12-12 and Organiser of the Throwdown, Rodney Vire was thrilled that athletes and spectators from across the region journeyed to Trinidad for this crossfit competition. He has expectations that the event will continue to grow to include many more athletes from Latin America and the Caribbean. The 12-12-12 Throwdown could not have been possible without the kind sponsorship from: Rev Nutrition TT; MikFit Personal Trainer; Powerade; Republic Bank Ltd; Essentia IronClad Asset Protection; Boomerang Caterers; Mouttet Jewellers; Ice Pro Ltd; Brokerage Solutions Ltd; and Rodney’s Revolution. Coach Rodney looked forward to working with these sponsors again for future Throwdowns and hopes that more organisations and interested parties would come on board to support this venture.

Throwdown Champions!
Throwdown 2018 Champions!

For a full and final listing of all the Athlete Standings in the different categories, you can check out the link at: .

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