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I was always into fitness, one type or another but fell off the wagon for a few years. My son Niko started CrossFit in 2016 and came home all excited for me to join him. I never did weight lifting before and didn’t really like the Gym life – I found it to be boring and mundane but I said I would give it a try. So in 2017 at the age of 55 in the month of my birthday January I started. The first day was hell – I have bad knees and I could not do any of the exercises. The coach gave what I thought was an unusual amount of squats, my legs hurt for days. alison I persevered despite the knee pains and all the other body pains, cause every day is different – never the same workout repeated always continuous learning. The more challenging the workout the better. I still can’t execute most of the exercises properly, but I must say the coaches at the box 121212 are very understanding and patient. They scale all the exercises for me and gradually we are seeing improvement in some of my moves. I can now squat below parallel (that means very low like the Chinese squatting), my ability to lift heavy weights is gradually improving, and my running and pushups are getting better with time. CrossFit has changed the way I look at things throughout my life. The language in my head has changed from I can’t do this or I am not good at this so I won’t even try to, if I keep trying I know I can get better at this or I am not there yet but someday I will get this. This holds true not just for the exercises but in general. I would recommend CrossFit to anyone looking for a good exercise routine that would keep you going and improving on your quality of life.

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