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It’s a little late in coming but welcome back and Happy New year to all of our Members and all of our Soon to be members reading this post. Hopefully by now you have all made your Resolutions (or Un-Resolutions), and hopefully you have stuck to them 7 days into the year. If you haven’t that’s ok – don’t beat yourself up about it, you have the rest of the year to get it together!

We have some fun events coming up in 2016. Of course the CrossFit Open begins on February 25th (registration starts on January 14th). We have athletes already gearing up for that and of course we always need judges – so be sure to do the online Judge’s Course (A link will be posted here for you to register for it when Registration for that begins) which will allow you to judge athletes during competition and which will also improve your own technique and mindset when you’re working out on the floor as you’ll have a better appreciation of what’s a good rep and what’s considered a “no Rep” and what sort of movement standards we as Coaches like to see during a WOD.

In May 6-7th Barbados has announced that their 2nd Annual BIG Games will be held. We had a great time at that last year and to be sure we have a group of athletes and supporters who will be headed there that weekend. More details on this event will follow.

And our very own CrossFit12-12-12 Throwdown will take place on August 6th. It’s the very first of it’s kind being hosted by us and the first to be held in T&T. We’re excited and eagerly planning this. You can check out our Facebook Link  to the event for more details.

Of course we’ll also have our Fundraisers such as Barbell & Burpees for Boobs and our Halloween WOD as well. We’ve been so thankful to have your support with these ventures and I am totally happy to say that last year these events raised $4750.00 for the Vitas House Hospice. Thanks again for your generosity.

As we’re trying to go green and save paper, here’s an electronic 2016 Calendar that you can choose to print yourself of download and keep as a desktop image if you wish. We hope you’re as excited for the possibilities of 2016 as we are!



Rodneys 2016 Calendar

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