Gillian’s Open 2014 Adventure!

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My Crossfit Games 2014 “Adventure”

My stomach churned when I scrutinized the previous years’ WODs.

With so many movements still not perfected or even attempted AND not having the sustainable strength…  “Are you crazy Gillian??  What are you thinking??”

But I figured, “Why not??!!   Just go for it!  Do it for the experience.  And most importantly – have fun!”

Every week, anticipating the next WOD was terrifying, nail biting, daunting – I think I even developed a few new nervous twitches.

The WODs were brutal, frustrating, intimidating, challenging, exhilarating….. but it’s over and I DID IT!

AND will I do it again????  God willing …. “Hells yes!!”

Being a part of this team – this Crossfit box, has been one of my most memorable experiences.  The comradely, the enthusiasm, the support –  unbelievable.

And the lesson learnt?

COURAGE NEVER FAILS   ….  oooohh so relevant!

Strive for greatness!

I will never be a “Samantha Briggs” BUT I sure can “enjoy” trying.









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