14.5 Wrap up – The Athlete vs The Clock

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Well the moment CrossFit athletes had been waiting on finally arrived with the announcement of the 14.5 WOD.

21-18-15-12-9-6-3 reps for time of:

Thrusters 95 lb. M; 65 lb.

These two movements have long been Open staples – I mean who could forget 7 minutes of Burpees in 12.1? So we had all expected these two movements to come but didn’t quite know in what incarnation they would turn up. When it finally showed up I don’t think anyone expected the rep scheme (84 reps per movement). What was even more surprising however was that there was no time cap on this WOD. It was just going to be YOU vs THE CLOCK, and your options were: try to finish it in a time you could be proud of; die trying; or quit and walk away with no Score.

While some of our athletes desperately wanted to choose the latter option in the midst of the round of 18 (rumour had it that 2 of our athletes almost walked out during the round of 21!), truth be told no one gave up. Everyone fought on through with perseverance, toughness, fortitude and true “bad mind” to finish the workout. Lungs were burning, shoulders were sore, quads were on fire and knees were skinned (yes there was evidence of rug burn) but everyone championed their way through to get the work done.

Congratulations to all the athletes who completed this one and saw it through. It was rough not having the clock save us after a few minutes and it was truly awesome to see the athletes giving their all, pushing themselves and leaving it all on the floor.

Congrats to the athletes who blazed through this workout in excellent time. We had 5 athletes who completely dominated with a sub 15 minute time (including our top overall female Jodi with a time of 14:41 and Coach Matty who blazed through with an unbeatable time of 12:42) and 6 athletes who completed it sub 20 minutes.

The most memorable moment however goes to our Athlete Carol who decided to do the Open after only 6 months of CrossFit and who in the middle of 14.5, decided not to throw in the towel but simply just enjoy the moment and the WOD and started to wine down in true “trini’ style to Machel’s “M.O.R”. I suppose if given the opportunity and a phone Carol may have even taken a Selfie! Just goes to show that even though the Open is about competition, it’s also about having fun and enjoying the moment! 




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