Yim tells us why she loves CrossFit & CrossFit12-12-12

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Strength isn’t only about how much weight you can clean or snatch. Strength is also about facing challenges with a positive attitude and a smile and an inner fighting spirit that can’t be daunted. This my friends is personified by one of the members of our Box: Yim. Read Yim’s short story about why she loves her CrossFit, her Coach and her Box. Thank you so much Yim for sharing! 

“I LOVE my CossFit Coach and my crew because CrossFit changed my life. I always hear people saying CrossFit changed their lives and when I see the athletes on TV, I wanted to try it. Little did I know, it REALLY did change my life.

My Name is Yim Wa Paul from Trinidad and Tobago. I’m 37 years old and I do CrossFit at CrossFit 12-12-12. I was a regular gym rat since I was 16 and was weight lifting until I found out I had breast cancer in 2012. After my Bilateral Mastectomy and Sentinel Node Biopsy, my shoulder mobility and range of motion with my arms were at 50%.

Two months after surgery, I went back to the gym. For the next year and a half I tried to regain my range of motion with stretches and weights. It did little to help so in August 2013, I went to CrossFit 12-12-12 to see if this sport would be able to help me. From the very first introductory class I found out the extent of my limitations. The PVC was my enemy and I couldn’t even get it to a 45 degree angle much less over my head. Although I felt defeated, I totally fell in love with the sport. Yes, I drank the CrossFit Kool Aid.

My Coach and gym owner Rodney Vire has so much experience and knowledge with weightlifting, CrossFit and other sports that he was able to help me with my limitations. He was patient and was able to modify each WOD so I could participate regardless of my abilities. We worked through it gradually and I was able to see progress. So with his patience, guidance and encouragement, within 12 months I was able to regain my mobility 100%.

All this time, my crew in the box was always cheering and encouraging me during a WOD since I was virtually the last person to finish. Having this new family in the box is so amazing and I can’t imagine what I would do without them. Each and every one of them inspires me to strive for excellence. I am now able to lift a 45lb bar over my head, do split jerks, push press, thrusters, over head squats etc. with my arms completely locked out in the correct form. This might sound trivial for some, but it means the world to me since I didn’t think I would ever be my old self again.

I’ve come a long way and though I still have a long way to go, I know with my coach’s guidance and my crew’s encouragement I will get there. CrossFit has given me back what cancer took from me and so much more. I’m extremely grateful to my Coach and double grateful to my 12-12-12 crew. So yes, CrossFit changed my life and I’m never looking back!”


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