Jodi’s experience in the Open 2013

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Entering the CrossFit Opens 2013 was a very impromptu decision and yet taught me some of the most valuable lessons I have learned since I started CrossFit. I went into it with the mindset “Let’s see how much I suck compared to everyone else in the world.” And came out realizing so much more.

Firstly, yes, compared to the elite athletes, I do suck! However, in comparison to “regular people” (the ones who have jobs, children, social lives and enjoy eating junk food and having a bottle of wine occasionally), I am actually not doing too badly. I managed to come out of the Opens with a score that ranks in the top 20% of the world (out of close to 40,000 female athletes). Or as my brother simply put it, for every 5 women who entered, I am doing better than 4 of them.

But while this is motivating, I still have my eye on the best of the best. The Julies, the Annies, the Camilles,  Talaynas, Kristans, and Rebeccas of the CrossFit world. These Opens made me realize where my weaknesses lie and what I need to work on this coming year. After each WoD I became more aware of what movements I need to improve on, where my focus needs to be and what I need to spend more time on if I EVER want to qualify for the Regionals.  A few times during this Open, I came quite close to being within the top 48 in the Latin America Region, and this has definitely motivated me to work harder from here on, especially the things I hate and suck at.

Another major eye opener, was the sense of community in our own CrossFit box. On one hand, I felt so much support and encouragement from others that motivated me to do well. It was exciting to watch my peers PR and excel in a WoD. However, I also realized that this does not come naturally to some and despite competing against each other, we all need to be mindful that even if we are not pleased with our own performance, this should not prevent us from celebrating others’ achievements. I hope that after this, we all learn the true CrossFit spirit – learning to be proud of our own achievements, no matter how big or small, and encourage others, no matter how we are feeling about ourselves.

This experience has been an awesome one. I hope for next year that more of our athletes enter from CrossFit 12-12-12. It’s been 5 weeks of anxiety and nerves, sweat and pain, breathlessness and sweat angels, hand rips and injuries, and soreness and aching muscles, but above all that it’s been laughter and smiles, encouragement and motivation, camaraderie and support, PR’s and failures and I wouldn’t change any of it for the world.



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