The Carib Light Rodney’s Revolution CrossFit12-12-12 Throwdown

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The Sport of Fitness arrived in Trinidad with a flourish on Saturday 6th August 2016, with the Carib Light Rodney’s Revolution CrossFit12-12-12 Throwdown which was held at St. Anthony’s Grounds. Over 250 spectators witnessed athletes from Guyana, Barbados, St. Lucia, Jamaica, St. Maarten, Aruba and local athletes compete for cash prizes and bragging rights to be declared the fittest man, woman, masters and teen in the Caribbean.

Athlete Jodi Gomez of Trinidad and representing competition host CrossFit 12-12-12 quickly dominated the field of thirteen female Rx athletes on the day, winning four out of the six workouts she participated in and emerged victorious winning the coveted cash prize and the title of Fittest Woman in the Caribbean. Kim Sealy and Chanda Gooding both of Barbados fought admirably to came second and third respectively.

In the men’s Division, competition was fierce with 35 male athletes, but after the final workout, local athlete Mattheaus Otero walked away with the top prize, while athlete Russell Grant of Barbados and Dillon Mahadeo of Guyana won second and third place respectively.

In the Female Scaled Division of the CrossFit competitor Angelina DeAbreu of Guyana’s only CrossFit Box –CrossFit 592 placed first, while local competitors Tsiann De Verteuil and Shivani Mootoo came second and third. In the Male Scaled Division Jonathon Da Sliva from Aruba narrowly beat Trinidadian Jonathon Jones, with Trinidadian Matthew Maclean finishing right behind in third place.

Because CrossFit is a Sport that anyone of any age can participate in, the organisers of the Throwdown also had a Teen Division. Youngsters Alexis Ince from Barbados and Alexi Charles out of St Lucia copped the Fittest Female and Fittest Male Teen respectively. Ince was also awarded the Spirit of the Throwdown Award, impressing judges with her skill and her resilience during the competition. Not to be outdone, the Masters athletes, who are all over forty, also definitively proved to onlookers that you can be fit, active and compete with the youngest in the pack, with Janine Cooper from Barbados copping the fittest female Master’s title as well as fourth overall in the Female Rx Division and Dirk Xavier of Trinidad taking the fittest male Master’s title.

All participants competed in the same first three events, with differing weight and skill requirements based on their Division. The top 10 RX males and females moved on to the Semi-final round and the top five went into the finals. Top Crossfit Games athletes from CrossFit of Fremont in California, Chyna Cho and Freddy Comacho were also on hand to host seminars, coach and even help emcee the Throwdown.

Coach Rodney Vire of CrossFit 12-12-12 has already planned to make this an annual event and as CrossFit continues to blossom in the Caribbean, he hopes that it will attract many more athletes from more Caribbean countries to participate in the Throwdown 2017 and more sponsorship.


scaled division winners

The Scaled Division Female Top 3: Tsiann De Verteuil; Angelina DeAbreu; & Shivani Mootoo (Photo by Terrence Butcher)

scaled division winners Male

Scaled Division Male top 3 from Left: Jonathon Jones; Jonathon Da Silva & Matthew Maclean (Photo by Terrence Butcher)


top 5 Male Rx

Top 5 Male Rx from Left: Leroy De Vries; Russell Grant; Mattheaus Otero; Dillon Mahadeo & Levar Greaves (Photo by Terrence Butcher)




top 5 Female Rx

The Top 5 Female Rx from Left: Amanda Sherlock; Kim Sealy; Jodi Gomez; Chanda Gooding; & Janine Cooper (Photo by Terrence Butcher)



The Champions of the CrossFit 12-12-11 Throwdown: Clockwise from Left: Matthew Maclean; Alexi Charles; Dirk Xavier; Mattheaus Otero; Jodi Gomez; Janine Cooper; Head Coach/ Owner CrossFit 12-12-12 Rodney Vire; Alexis Ince; Angelina Deabreu; with Guest CrossFit Games Athletes Chyna Cho & Freddy Comacho from Crossfit of Fremont. (Photo by Mark Harris)



rope climb

Kim Sealy on the rope climb during the Final Event (Photo by Terrence Butcher)

sled pull

Russell Grant pulls 135 pounds on the sled Pulls during the Final Event (Photo by Terrence Butcher)

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