19 June 2013: Labour Day WOD aka Sentenced to HARD LABOUR

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Happy Labour Day peeps! Here’s a Team WOD for teams of 4 persons:

Entire team runs 1 Mile

Entire team does 1000 Double Unders (break it up any way you wish to)

From here on only 1 Team Member works at a time while the other Team members rest or keep score. Again, break the reps up any way you want to- Just get it done:

500 Kettle Bell Swings (45lb W; 55lb M)

500 Wall Ball Shots (14 lb W; 20 lb M)

500 Box Jumps (20″ W; 24″ M)

500 Over Head Squats (45 lb)

500 Air Squats

All team members finish with 1 Mile Run.


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