Kavita Bhaggan – The Tale of Pre-Natal CrossFit

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My gym officially became a Crossfit box on December 12, 2012, hence our box name Crossfit 12-12-12 (the first and only official box in Trinidad….woo hoo!).  A few weeks later I found out I was pregnant.

I’ve been doing Crossfit, along with running and spin, actively for about 2 years, and this being my first pregnancy, one of my first concerns was “OMG! Would I be able to continue with my workouts?!” and secondly “How fat am I going to get?!”

I started doing a lot of research online and looking up blogs to gain a better understanding and seek some guidance in terms of other women who have done Crossfit while pregnant. Through this research and talking with my doctor, I learned it was possible to continue with my workouts as they were nothing new to my body, I had been leading an active lifestyle prior to learning we were expecting.

At first I was able to do the same WOD with the rest of my box but with caution, this wasn’t the time for me to be upping my weights and trying to beat my prior times/reps, etc. It was all about maintaining my level of fitness.

Once I was past my first trimester, I started doing modified workouts. I became known for walking into our box and whipping out my little folded page with my “Pregnancy Crossfit”. I found this website, crossfitmom.com, which became my go to page for my WOD. It was (and for now still is) a daily check in for me!

My trainer, Rodney, would guide me since he worked with me long enough to know what my body (and mind) was capable of achieving. Under his tutelage and my own determination to remain healthy and fit throughout my pregnancy, I was able to continue with my workouts and it felt amazing to be able to still be active and get a good sweat in.

Of course there are some days, especially as my pregnancy progressed, that I’d feel some discomfort or too tired, and on those days I’d take it easy. I think from what I’ve read and experienced the most important part is to LISTEN TO YOUR BODY! The human body is remarkable and some of us under estimate what we can and cannot do.

I’d like to add though that the folks at my box have been very encouraging, supportive and protective of me, especially the guys. I don’t think I would be able to continue without the encouragement and support I get from them all.

There is generally no reason or situation I can recall where exercise can be a negative thing for your body, unless you’re advised by your doctor otherwise. The weight training and cardio, from what I’ve read actually help to keep your stamina up for the labour process.

I’m now 8 months pregnant and I’m not only anxious to meet our bundle of joy but I’m also anxious to see how quickly my body will bounce back and to be able to push myself like I used to before. Will keep you guys posted! J

I personally think if I can do Crossfit while I’m this pregnant, there’s no reason for anyone else to not at least give it a try.


– Kavita Bhaggan

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