31st July 2013: Deck of Cards Thursday

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Today’s WOD is a Deck Of Cards WOD where:

2-10 of Diamonds = 2-10 reps of Push Ups. Jack, Queen, King & Ace of Diamonds = 10 Mountain Climbers 

2-10 of Hearts = 2-10 reps of Push Press (45 lbs and up). Jack, Queen, King & Ace of Hearts = 10 Sit Ups

2-10 of Clubs = 2-10 reps of Kettle Bell Swings (45 lbs W; 55 lbs M). Jack, Queen, King & Ace of Clubs = 10 Flutter Kicks

2-10 of Spades = 2-10 reps of Burpees. Jack, Queen, King & Ace of Hearts = 10 Jump Tucks

The Lone Joker in the Park = ONE minute Rest.

Someone pulls a Card and you do the Movement and Rep it is equivalent to.




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