14.4 Wrap Up: The Chipper

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14.4 – The Chipper 

When Castro announced this Chipper I gasped – I’m sure we all did! For the first time ever in the Open the Concept 2 Rower was going to be introduced! The WOD was this:

Complete as many rounds and repetitions as possible in 14 minutes of:
60-calorie row
50 toes-to-bars
40 wall-ball shots, 14 lb. to 9-foot target W; 20 lb to 10-foot target M
30 cleans, 95 lb. W; 135 lb. M
20 muscle-ups

Thank goodness we were among the fortunate Boxes that actually possessed not just one – but THREE rowers so our athletes were able to knock that 60 Cal out of the way in good time. The average was roughly 4 minutes. Of course we had the super human elite athletes who clocked amazing times of just over 2:30.

The trick was not to burn yourself out on the rower so that you wound up on the floor gasping for air forgetting that the insurmountable task of 50 toes-to-bars AND MORE lay ahead of you. Kudos to our athletes who got their PR’s on the hanging bar having never done toes-to bars before. Special Kudos to those of you who tried!

Wall Balls after toes-to-bars were rough. This was a pretty shoulder and grip intense WOD. The Cleans were rough – shoulders felt like lead so a shoulder shrug for each clean was tough to demand.








For the few athletes who actually made it to the muscle ups – BRAVO! Great work to you guys! It was phenomenal to see you flying through the air to make it to the top of the rings! Most of us secretly thanked Castro for putting Muscle Ups to the end of this particular WOD. Again with shoulders and grip being an issue we all knew that even if we had the skill to do a muscle up in the first place it was definitely going to be quite a challenge! Of course most of us resolved to definitely put Muscle Ups on our (rather long) list of things to practice in order to prepare for the Open 2015!



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