Shea Boland


I was born and raised in Montana.  I grew up skiing, skating, climbing and doing gymnastics.  I moved to Los Angeles last year from Austin, TX, where I was at for the last 9 years.  I’ve lived a pretty active lifestyle my whole life but it wasn’t until around 2013 when I got even more serious by cleaning up my diet, strength training regularly, doing cardio regularly, prioritizing sleep, and learning to move my body more efficiently.  I wasn’t expecting all of those changes to impact my life in the profound way that they did.  I was seeking aesthetic changes in the beginning but what I got was so much more.  I started having more energy, better sleep, less pain, and an overall improved sense of confidence and enthusiasm for life.  So much so that I decided I wanted to teach others how to attain all the benefits of a healthy, balanced lifestyle.  I received my Personal Training certification from the National Academy of Sports Medicine in 2017 and have been helping countless lives ever since.  I’m a master at helping people from all walks of life find fulfillment in movement, no matter the starting point.  My clients tell me that my positive, upbeat energy is contagious and that my presence brings out the best in them.  I’ve got a wealth of experience and I truly love what I do, it would be an honor to meet with you and guide you alongside your personal transformation.

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