Jordan Harder



As a young athlete, I was always looking for my competitive edge. What could I do that would set me apart from the competition.

The week before graduating high school, I broke my wrist longboarding. Worried I wouldn’t be able to play college lacrosse in the fall, I put all my focus into learning about the recovery process to heal faster and come back stronger. Through this experience, I realized that I had a passion for understanding how the body worked.

When I started college at Pacific Lutheran University, I enrolled in a sports psychology class taught by Olympic Sports Psychologist- Dr. Colleen Hacker. I knew I wanted to find a way to combine my passion for the body with the mental skills needed to help people reach their goals. After graduating with a BS in Kinesiology and Sports Psychology, I spent time working in Physical Therapy, coaching high school lacrosse, training high school, college, and professional athletes, and helping people reach their fitness and weight goals.

My coaching style focuses on how we can look good, perform our best, and do the things we love for as long as we can.

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