Emily Astiz-Black


A true lover of all activities outdoors, Emily has been exploring human movement since she was little, starting with dance and action sports including surfing and snowboarding. Her full love of fitness blossomed while living in Singapore where she began coaching HIIT and OCR and competed in Spartan Races in South East Asia. Obstacle Course Racing (aka OCR) transformed her understanding of how all different modalities of fitness can work together to elevate your own human potential. She’s a HIIT coach, a Spartan SGX coach, a yoga instructor, and all around lover of being active.  Although she loves coaching athletes, her true passion lies in helping all people find a love of fitness in a safe and attainable manner. Ultimately, she believes that consistency is key and to find something that will build longevity… in return, you’ll feel more confident, have more energy, and look better naked! 

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