Strength + Speed

Strength and Speed Sessions (Small Group)
Small-Group training (6-10 Athletes)

The Sweat Method (Semi-Private)
2-4 athletes

3 Variables To Improve Athletic Performance 

Why Sweat 60 Sports

  • Safe and Effective Programming – Our workouts are designed to deliver maximal results in a safe and effective format. We do this through a systematic approach to mobility, strength, conditioning, nutrition, sleep and recovery. Our goal is to get your athlete to their best possible level of performance, injury-free. 
  • Clear Focus on Strength and Speed – Our goal is to get you strong and fast specifically for what you need to be successful in your sport. 
  • Best-in-Class Coaching – Sweat 60 coaches are personable, positive and there to support you in achieving your athletic goals. Former college athletes, we know what it takes to succeed at the next level. 
  • Measure, Adjust and Repeat: We use multiple forms of measurements to track your results. 
  • Recovery and Nutrition – Strength and Speed is only part of the equation. We provide resources to get the best results possible. 
    • Mobility 
    • Nutrition 
    • Supplements

Sweat for Success

This is a set of guidelines that will ensure the safest, most productive, positive training environment for our athletes: 

  • Be on time and introduce yourself 
  • Lift those up around you
  • Commit to giving all you have in each session
  • Don’t whine, complain, or make excuses 
  • Be quick – but don’t hurry – proper form before speed
  • Make an effort to be the best YOU can be on a regular basis  
  • Patience is part of progress
  • Make taking care of yourself a priority
  • Journal for reflection and self-growth 
  • Have fun and Enjoy Yourself 

Sweat 60 Sports in Santa Monica develops youth athletes by introducing them to the following:

  • Foundational Strength Training in a safe environment
  • Sport Specific Strength Training and Nutrition
  • Resilience through the principles of developing an ironclad mindset
Run by former college athletes we have developed a clear system that gets athletes real results.


Owner + Coach - Kevin Atkinson

Specializations: Sport Specific Conditioning, Speed & Agility, Strength Training, and Functional Training.

Kevin’s passion for health and fitness derives from the success of his clients in reaching their personal goals. This extends beyond physical fitness, to helping people reach their full potential and improving their quality of life.

He is a former Division 1 athlete, holds a Bachelor of Science in Exercise Sport and Science, a certification from the National Academy of Sports Medicine, and is considered one of the top performance and weight loss specialists in Los Angeles.

Owner + Coach - Jordan Harder

Specializations: Sports Conditioning, Speed & Agility, Mobility, Strength Training and Functional Training

Jordan has a passion for helping athletes achieve their potential on and off the field/court.

Jordan was a collegiate lacrosse player and holds a bachelor of Science in Kinesiology and Sport Psychology. He has spent time working physical therapy, coaching high school lacrosse and is considered one of the top sport performance coaches in Los Angeles.

Coach - Taylor Gregory

A former Division I athlete, Taylor experienced an accident that resulted in a compound fracture of his femur. Unable to compete, his interest in coaching began on his road to recovery. Thanks to his own trainer/coach, who pushed him physically and mentally— he saw what the body and mind are capable of. He specializes in speed, strength, and endurance training. When he’s not coaching, you can find him walking his dog or surfing with his wife. 

Coach - Ja'maal Eveillard
Ja’maal is a former collegiate football athlete at the University of West Florida and Edinboro University in Pennsylvania. After finishing football in 2018, he focused on training students-athletes grades K through 12th and received his personal training certification through (NASM). Ja’maal also has a background in both (EMS) Training and Active Recovery Coaching. Ja’maal still holds a school 40-yard dash record of 4.43 seconds and was also awarded 1st place for powerlifting in 2014. Ja’maal truly loves interacting with clients and takes great pride in seeing you walk out feeling better than you came in. So, whether you are wanting to build strength, speed, or a great mentality, he has the knowledge and experience to assist you in achieving them all.
Coach - Quinton Alexander

Quinton is simply a lover of movement. With a background in collegiate track & field as a decathlete and post-grad endeavors in dancing and acrobatics, he takes a unique approach to the world of strength, fitness, and sports performance.

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