30 Day CrossFit/ Zone Challenge beginning 3rd June, 2013

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Come be a part of our CrossFit/Zone 30 Day Challenge. We’re having a small & Short introductory workshop on THURSDAY 23rd May 2013 from 7PM to 745PM.

If you want to come and learn how to eat properly and how to manage your daily intake of foods and learn about the benefits of good nutrition and exercise please come join us! 

Here’s some of the Challenge Rules:

1. You must attend at LEAST ONE (1) CrossFit class per day
2. If you cannot make it to the box every day, a list of WoDs will be available to do at home or elsewhere. It is your responsibility to complete this on your own time.
3. If you miss a day, you CANNOT double up on another day.
4. Practicing progressions and working on Goats are encouraged, but you need to do a full WoD to gain your star each day.
5. Spin, Pump, Circuit, Cycling, Hashing, Running, Swimming, Cricket, Water polo, Rugby etc do NOT count as your CrossFit Wod. You may continue to do alternative training but a CrossFit WoD must be done to gain a star.
1. For every day that you eat strictly by the Zone, you will earn a star.
2. For every day that you eat strictly by Paleo standards you get a star.
3. For every day that you eat STRICTLY according to BOTH Paleo and Zone, you will receive TWO stars.
4. If you are not FULLY clear on what Paleo and Zone eating entails PLEASE consult the www.crossfit.com website, research it online or ask of the people below at CrossFit 12-12-12.

• The maximum number of stars you may receive for any one day is 3.

• As an incentive, we suggest that for every day you gain 2 or more stars, you put $10 in a jar/envelope. At the end of the Challenge, whatever money you have honestly earned (i.e. an accumulation of days of clean eating AND working out), you get to spend that money on yourself. BUT NOT ON SOMETHING FOOD RELATED!!! (Ladies, think manicures, pedicures, new outfits etc. Men, think new CrossFit gear, training clothes, gadgets etc.)
This Challenge is on your own merit. If you cheat, you are only cheating yourself.
Feel free to write a testimonial before the challenge about what you hope to gain from this, and why you are taking on the challenge. After the challenge we’d love to hear of your experience also: the difficulties, how you felt, your strengths, weaknesses, what you liked, what you hated, what you learned etc.

This Challenge begins on June 3rd.





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